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Optimum local SEO services that are tailored to your needs as a small business owner; that means no more wasting your marketing budget on strategies that may not benefit your company.

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People are looking for your services online... Shouldn’t you make it easy for them to find you?

Advancements in technology have made consumers impatient. Studies show that customers are more likely to take an action, if that action is relatively easy to perform. As opposed to outdated forms of marketing, such as printed ads and leaflets, Local SEO has the unique benefit of reaching people at the exact moment when they are in need of your services and actively looking to make a purchase.

We never stop learning.

Local SEO is an industry that is constantly changing. What worked last year, won't necessarily yield the same results today. We evolve with the industry and stay current on the most successful marketing methods. It’s because we’re always learning, that we’re able to offer a higher-quality service, with better results, at an affordable price point.

  • Designated Account Managers

    Real people that are just as devoted to your business as you are.

  • Superior Results

    Good marketing pays for itself... great marketing pays you.

  • Benefit From Experience

    An entire SEO arsenal, and years of experience, put to work for you.

  • Stop playing the guessing game.

    Local SEO takes the guesswork, and the high-price tag, out of marketing. Instead of spending thousands of dollars a month on wasted exposure, Local SEO allows your customers to find you when the time is right. Local SEO is the method of getting your business to rank organically for the services that you offer.

    • Perfect Timing

      Local SEO helps people in your city find your business when they are searching for the services that you offer.

    • Sustainability

      Organic ranking doesn’t disappear when a ‘budget’ is reached, allowing your business to be found when searched for.

    • Broad Reach

      On average, 90% of people on their computer, and 80% on their smartphones, are using Google as their primary search engine.

    • Better Value

      Local SEO is cheaper, and more cost-effective than other popular marketing mediums.

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This is what it's all about.

  • GMB Optimization

    We build and/or optimize your Google My Business listing to ensure that it is enhanced for ranking purposes.

  • Listings Audit

    We run an in-depth report that allows us to see all of your previously created listings, and make any necessary corrections, so that you’re starting on the best foundation.

  • Citation Building

    We build the top citations (directory listings) for your business to increase your online presence and ‘trust’ with Google.

  • Review Monitoring

    Google cares about reviews, and review responses. A bad review will never go unanswered again with our review monitoring service.

  • Social Media

    Not social media savvy? That’s alright, we’ll post to your Facebook & Twitter for you.

  • Support

    You’ll have your very own knowledgeable, and prompt, Account Manager to answer any questions you may have.

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  • Standard



    Premium GMB Listing, Custom Business Description, Baseline Listings Audit, Professional Citation Training (Including NAP Clean Up), Ongoing Account Management, Live Google Insights, Real-Time Reporting, eMail & Phone Support


  • Advanced



    Includes our Standard Plan plus...

    Facebook Business Page
    Business Twitter Listing
    Social Media Synchronization
    Live Review Monitoring



You have questions.

And we have answers.

  • How does Google decide ranking placement?

    Google uses what they call a ‘system of trust’ when deciding ranking placement. The more information Google can find that causes them to trust your NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number), the more likely they are to rank your GMB listing well. A ranking algorithm takes 50 known factors into consideration. The top controllable factors include consistency of citations, quality of citations, properly optimized GMB listing, and reviews.

  • What is a citation?

    A citation is essentially a listing created for your business in an online directory. Yelp is an example of a citation. The term ‘citation’ is derived from citing your sources on an essay. Think of your Google My Business (GMB) listing as an essay, and Google is the teacher. You are using citations to show Google that your business can be trusted. And just like sources, citations have different authority levels which can result in higher validation.